Our Charities

I Need Finance Now believes it has a responsibility as a business to support our community. In order to provide this support we have chosen two different charities which we donate a portion of our fee. Both of these charities play an important role in our Australian society and we are proud to be associated with their respective cause.

Tour de Cure


CANCER is one of the world's greatest takers of life. CANCER does not discriminate. It affects men, women and children alike. It must be stopped. On 31st March 2008, continuing on from the 2007 Brisbane to Sydney inaugural tour, a team of 33 set off from Melbourne and cycled into Sydney. The Tour de Cure cycling event, raises much needed funds to assist in the fight against Cancer. With your help we can WIN! Cancer does not discriminate.

Tour de Cure's purpose, from 2007 to 2010, is to raise money for three vital Australian charities that aim to cure cancer for men, women and children.

One in two men and one in three women will be directly affected by Cancer before the age of 85, and even our children are not immune. This year alone, 106,000 new cases of Cancer will be diagnosed and 39,000 people will die from Cancer in Australia.

Funding is vital for hope, research, support, improved treatment options and ultimately finding a cure for this disease, which despite developments, is still the leading cause of death in the country.

You can continue to help find a cure. To support the Tour de Cure and make a valuable contribution to fight against Cancer.

Animal Welfare League


Aims and objectives of the Animal Welfare League:

  • To promote the welfare of animals in all forms
  • To make provisions for lost, neglected, abandoned and unwanted animals
  • To educate the public in the care and management of animals
  • To prevent the cruelty to and neglect of animals
  • To relieve the stress of and otherwise aid injured and sick animals
  • To promote the sterilisation of all animals and provide veterinary facilities
  • To employ inspectors to investigate the well-being or otherwise of animals
  • To take or cause to be taken any legal action in relation to these objectives